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our current positionHome >> Product introduction >> RD-47 Series Thin thermostat

¢ Product overview

It is the high-performance thermostat characterized with thin and small size to be able to use it for temperature detection for car seat heaters.

¢ Features 

 Plastic Case featured small protector.

 Stable and Reliable long life on Non-Current Carry designed device.

 Positive make and break with snap action disc.

 Chattering free and Precise operating temperature.

 Compliant both ROHS and REACH requirement

¢ Technical Characteristics

Electrical Rating

DC13.5V MAX8A resistive load

Contact structure

SPST Normally closed

Operating Temperature

Max 70


More than 5


Minimum 10deg

Normally 15-25deg

Service Life

60,000 time at rated load

Dielectric Strength

AC 1,500V for 1 minute

Insulation Resistance 

No less than 100Mat DC500V

Contact Resistance 

Less than 50mnot include a lead wire

Heat Resistance


¢ Application 

Seats heaters for automobile

¢ PDF dowm

RD-47 Series Thin thermostat.pdf

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