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 Product overview

CWK-4PB is designed for protection of automotive air conditioner compressor from overheating.The compact design provides better installation flexibility. Most of compressor manufacturers commonly use it


¢ Features 

 There are two mounting options: a holder mounting type, such as using a stay bar, and a screw-mounting type.

 With the lead-wire-pulled-out type adopted, any connector can be setup.

 Two types of contact connection are available: Clutch cut-off type and ECM circuit type.


¢ Technical Characteristics

Electrical Rating


Operating Temp.

Any temperature up to 160C can be specified.


15deg or more



Service Life

10,000 cycles at rated load

Dielectric Strength

500V/1min or 600V/1sec

Insulation Resistance 

50M or moreDC 500V

Contact Resistance  *

Less than 100m

Heat Resistance 


* Wire resistance is not include.


¢ Application 

 Automotive air conditioner compressors

¢ Pdf down

CWK-4PB Series Thermostat.pdf

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